Grants For Travel – Free Money For You

How would you like to travel the world and get paid for it? There are grants for travel that will do just that. Millions of dollars in travel grant funds are given away every year to Americans who are able to enjoy traveling the world on someone else’s dime. And because most people are not aware of these programs, they may not be that hard for you to get as well.

Grants for travel are offered for a variety of purposes from a variety of organizations. Each travel grant has their own qualification requirements and terms, but one thing remains consistent with grant money. This is cash that you receive to spend for your personal use that you never have to repay.

For the most part, grants for travel are available to students for educational development. There are many instances where adults will take a class just to qualify to obtain the grant money to travel to the destination they desire. Instructors can also often obtain travel grants to help pay for their research.

Interestingly, many companies are offering travel grants to their employers for professional development. Whether it is to get international experience, to understand cultures better, or just to get an idea on what foreign companies are doing to succeed in the workplace.

The grant you receive will typically cover the entire cost of your trip, including your airfare, meals, room and board. In some cases it may even include some spending money to enjoy some of the cultural experiences. There are hundreds of programs that you can find and apply for that can allow you to travel the world without spending any money on your own.

Money for Traveling – How to Calculate a Budget

Money for traveling, even if it is not the most important part of a trip, failing in planning it properly can leave us with some disgusting surprises, as running out of it or simply spending a lot more than were able to forecast. Let’s take a look at how an appropriate budgeting should be done to know how much money for traveling do we need.

The first thing you need to take into account is the main spending such as flights and hotel. And there’s something I want to say specially when speaking about hotels. Look, if you are going to a hostel, just don’t worry, probably the cost of your stay will be exactly the one shown in the paper. But if you are going to a better hotel, it is almost possible that you are going to use some of the services they offer, or possibly there will exist obligatory extra charges that you didn’t expect. Is it fair? Not probably, but here I don’t try to complain, but just try to let you know how to organize your money for traveling provided the real facts.

In any case, once you have added all this, there’s another thing you should do that many people do in the wrong way. Many people love to include food within the traveling costs. While it is a good idea to include it in the amount of money you need to have prepared for the trip, it is not good to assume that food is costing you extra money to take your holidays. You would be eating at home if not in your holiday, and in case the country were you are going is cheaper, you will be even saving money by easting there. To calculate the money for traveling for food, the best thing is to take a look at immigration websites.

Another cost you should take into account is the one for activities. Museums, nature activities, guided tours, etc. Whatever you will be doing there that has a cost. Write the total amount in your list of money for traveling, but when planning to save money for a trip think about which extra costs you will not be doing by being away. Going to the cinema, the disco, the bowling alley… Whatever you normally do in the period of time given for your holiday.

Finally, there’s one last thing you should remember for planning your money for traveling. And this one shall not be included in your trip costs, of course. When you are away you will be consuming no energy at home, doing no telephone calls, spending no water, etc. All this costs can be taken away when you are planning the savings for a holiday.

Choosing the Best MP3 Player for Travel

MP3 players are now capable of many things including making your life easier while travelling.

With more of us travelling these days whether it be across the state, interstate or around the world, often one home comfort we miss is our music. The choice of music player has been limited over the years to either tape cassette or a CD player, the major problem was the carrying of the units and the box of tapes or CD’s.

With the invention of the iPod and similar music players the saving of both weight and space has been greatly improved and the convenience is fantastic. The wide choice of MP3 players available has created a few other challenges, mainly with the huge choice and functionality of the players available today.

Choosing the Best player to listen to your mp3’s while travelling has not been so easy, until today.

Imagine combining your CD player, DVD player, Laptop (with your important info) a voice recorder and extra memory storage for your digital camera all into one small unit.

The following will give you a few ideas as to what functionality is available in MP3 players available in 2011. Each of these have a use while travelling.

First things first:

To Choose the Best music player for travel we need to have an idea as to what we may want to use it for.

Some Ideas, apart from listening to music are.

Listening to the radio station (for local interest or emergency).

A podcast (Download a recording of the local places of interest. In some cities you can buy a history podcast which will act as your personal tour guide).

A voice recorder (to make notes of where you have been or places of interest).

Reading or listening to eBooks (while in transit).

While jogging (we all need a bit of exercise even when on holiday).

Storing and viewing photo’s from our camera or watching videos stored from before we left home.

Are you going to go snorkelling, if so do you want your music?

Filing your itinerary and flight details, would this be useful?

Playing Games, to fill in any down time.

Use your MP3 player to make a journal of your travels.

This list has just a few ideas as to what the modern MP3 players can do. Once you have thought through your own needs you will be in a much better position to ‘Choose the best MP3 player for your travels’.

For more information on suitable players for travel check out [] Where you can download an eBook on ‘Choosing your Next MP3 player’ and see many of the latest players and accessories.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Travel Websites

Do you own a travel company website? Are you getting frustrated because trying to rank your site highly on Google is very difficult? There is already too much competition from mega companies like world-class hotels, global airliners, and rental companies. To overcome these hurdles, and move your website to the top, you need to implement the widely used online strategy of search engine optimization (SEO). This refers to the practice of adding or modifying content on your site to make your web pages more inviting to Google and other search engines. SEO for travel websites is a particularly competitive field, and therefore, requires unique solutions that are not commonly found in normal search engine optimization plans. So, just what exactly are these unique search engine optimization strategies for travel websites? Let’s find out.

One of the most effective tips for improving any travel website’s ranking on search engines is by narrowing down the focus of any particular webpage to a specific geographical area or city. This is important because Google and other search companies deliver search results that are tailor made to the particular location that the search starts in. For example, a search for the word “car rental” that starts in New York is likely to return search results that reflect the car rental market for New York. It is highly unlikely that a similar search for “car rental” that is performed by a user in London will bring up the same results in Google.

What the above situation means for your business is that your site needs to target specific geographical areas and cities in order to bring in more visitors. This is actually good for you because when one particular city or area is too competitive for your site to rank highly on a search engine, you can always concentrate on another location. As there are so many potential sources of tourists in the world, you have a wide open field where you can compete that your competition simply isn’t even trying to establish itself into.

Another very important tip regarding SEO for travel websites is to make sure that your site can be accessed by users who do not use English as their primary language. Help these visitors out by translating your site into a variety of languages. So, just what languages should you consider translating your website into? Your best bet is to start by translating the site into the primary language spoken by people of the region or city that you are trying to attract. Another great way to discover what language translation is in demand on your site is by checking the visitor log of the server which hosts your website. You can gleam a variety of information about your site’s visitors, including their country of origin, and the language set on their computer. Also, don’t forget to check out the competition to see what language translations they offer their visitors.

Once these important tips are successfully implemented, expect to see a large boost in the number of visitors your site sees on a daily basis!

WordPress For Travel Websites – A Cost-Effective Option

It is well-known that the online business of providing travel information and its services are in large demand. Keeping this in mind, you could say that building a website can prove to be a stepping-stone to improving your financial situation. But sometimes a lot of people overpay web developers and designers in order to get their websites up and running; they do not know about technology that is available for free to create cutting-edge websites. One such technology is something called WordPress.

WordPress is a leading website template processor for designing websites. It can be easily used for business websites as well. For example: travel websites need a lot of images of locations and places, so by using a WordPress site you can utilize a range of options to get your images uploaded to your site.

WordPress offers a variety of themes and designs that are important for having an attractive website, many of which are free and could not be found anywhere else. This means that you can keep costs of creating a site down by avoiding paying for costly designs while using the plentiful free themes WordPress provides.

Some interesting functions of WordPress are found in applications for smart phones. While not as flexible or feature-rich as the full versions, these “apps” allow users to access certain WordPress features while away from their computers.

Apart from the design options, there are other things that are also very important for travel websites. These things are of huge importance and they play a big part in determining the success of the site, and if they are ignored can lead to the failure of your business.

The most important thing you need to be very careful about is the area where you are providing services related to travel. It is safe to say that you cannot be an expert on all countries and places in the world. So, if you want to become successful in the travel website business, you need to take care of this aspect because if you do not provide good services, then you are unlikely to get business. Focusing on certain locales while perfecting your website and business for that country or region will encourage your customers to use your business again when you have expanded to new areas.

As far as creating an attractive travel website is concerned, you do not need to worry because WordPress for travel websites is a system which can really help you in making your site. Apart from having free designs and smart phone applications, WordPress also has a number of other plug-ins which help add extra edge and a classy look to your website. The plug-in which adds extra map locations on your website are really helpful for traveling websites because they are typically made and indented to have images of places and other destinations which are particularly popular among the tourists who want to spend their holidays on such places.

So in short, we can say that the option of WordPress for travel websites is the best opportunity t

Preparation For Traveling With Your Parrot And Other Pet Birds

Prior to traveling with your parrot it is a good idea to associate him/her with the container in which you use to travel with your bird, whether it be a kennel or travel cage. Don’t just shove him/her into it on the day of travel as this can cause quite a lot of stress and fear if you don’t get your bird acquainted with the container in advance. Every bird you own should be acquainted in this way in the event of travel due to a need to evacuate your home like for a hurricane or other natural disaster, you can never be to ready for.

Start by getting a kennel or small travel cage to contain your pet, preferably that can be secured in the vehicle by way of the seat belt or other means of securing it.

In advance take the time to associate your bird with the container by letting him/her explore it, put snacks in it and a toy to make it a positive experience that many parrots actually learn to enjoy and look forward too. The toy should be some what of a foot toy, easily picked up for play and not some large dangly thing that could cause harm or need you to untangle your bird from while traveling, think small but not so small that it can be swallowed, safety is the way to go for your bird and you. While driving you don’t want to be distracted obviously if your parrot becomes tangled up. Make sure a feed cup and water cup are secure in the container. When thinking about water as it can spill and than be gone it is often wiser to place some of your parrots favorite juicy pieces of fruit in it instead of water. This way he/she will not be without moisture for travel, also either bring some of your water from home in a container or bottled water to offer him/her if your travel a great distance and or upon reaching your destination. Bring extra food that the bird is accustom too, now is definitely not the time to introduce a new brand other than what he is use to and will readily consume.

If you plan on a destination such as a hotel or other lodging it is a good idea to bring a mini vacuum and other items to clean up after your parrot. They are much like traveling with children, can make a mess and have needs that you need to be prepared for. It is a good idea to find out in advance if your destination such as a hotel does indeed allow pets.

Other considerations are the fact that you are traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle does not insure that your pet will stay comfortable as direct sun and glare can easily come in through a window even with the window up and the airconditioner on. Just like for a baby it is a good idea to provide a nice shaded area in the vehicle for your bird. A shade screen can be purchased in advance as an item in most stores that carry things for babies and is a wise purchase indeed. As a panting parrot can not cool him/herself off like a cat or dog and even they should have these considerations when traveling with them also.

Another thing to have on hand is a birdie first aid kit that you can put together, it should consist of orange flavored Gatorade (for dehydration), Neosporin Ointment (safe even if eaten), Kwik Stop (for bleeding prevention), a towel (in the event you have to restrain him/her for any reason and or for comfort in a kennel), small scissors (in case he/she becomes tangled up in a thread from the towel or such), a small wire cutter is a good idea also (just in case). You can never be to prepared and usually if you have these items readily available the trip goes smoothly, it’s when you don’t have them and are not prepared for mishaps that they most often happen.

Having a safe trip is of course is always preferred and it can even be fun to take your parrot for a ride as he/she can learn it is enjoyable and always likes to be with you anyway. Many of ours look forward to going bye bye and even know which travel cage and or kennel is theirs.

Closing thoughts: Always clean up after your parrot if you stay at a hotel as the next person with a parrot will be a lot more excepted at a facility if you do. While on the road keep your parrot in his/her container so you are not distracted while driving. Keep it neat and safe for all!

Raising macaws, cockatoos and many other parrots since the early 80’s and finding little or no information on these magnificent gems of the parrot world has prompted me to write articles and stories about them. They are so much more than just a bunch of feathers and one should not want one on just a whim. It should be well thought out, researching them well before considering to own one or any animal for that matter. Although many parrots, cockatoos and macaws do have ability for speech, this alone should not be the reason for getting one. My hopes are to give you a glimpse into what they are about not just a novelty but a creature with a beating heart. That if treated with kindness and respect for their needs, will return much pleasure for years to come. They are one of Gods treasures and should be treated as such. To learn more about them, interesting pictures, videos and more through out our website and for a list of pet friendly lodging in Louisiana. It’s always good to think ahead before disaster strikes, call around your area for pet friendly lodging, you never know when you’ll need this information.

Best Kayak For Traveling

I have done a little bit of traveling in my lifetime and often have rented a kayak while visiting a foreign place in order to explore new and different territory that I may not have been able to explore from land. I actually love kayaking in a foreign place that I have never been before. It is such an excellent way to enjoy a new environment. Obviously a hard-shelled kayak is not so easy to bring traveling… unless you are going by car. There is a very simple way though that one can enjoy a paddling experience while away on vacation without having to worry about renting a kayak. The inflatable kayak is by far the best kayak for traveling.

Advantages of an Inflatable Kayak

Weight – They can be fairly light weight. Their weight does vary, but it is possible to get an excellent quality and extremely rugged lightweight inflatable that can not only be brought on an airplane (with no extra charges), but can also literally be carried on your back. Imagine being able to carry your kayak in your backpack anywhere in the world you want to go. It is pretty exhilarating.
Size – Besides the fact that an inflatable kayak can deflate and fold into a nice and neat little package, there is also the option of choosing the size of your kayak. All inflatables deflate and fold down quite small so whether you need a tandem model, a solo kayak, or an even larger size, you will still very easily be able to bring this kayak along traveling with you. I personally love to have a tandem model along on my travels because I am usually exploring new areas with someone else.
Quick Inflation Time – Most inflatable kayaks will inflate within 5 – 10 minutes with a standard foot pump. They are quick and very easy to set-up and offer extreme convenience.

Inflatable Kayaks for Traveling

Inflatable kayaks are not what they used to be… they are ten million times better. There are many extremely reputable inflatable kayak manufacturers now that produce top quality inflatable boats that with a little care can likely last a lifetime. They are rugged and very fun to paddle.

I am a huge fan of bringing along an inflatable kayak while traveling. They can be great if traveling by care – just throw in the trunk. They are perfect for camping and RVing. For traveling by plane I just put mine into a little suitcase (normally you are allowed to suitcases without any extra charge) and away I go.

Often times when I have rented a kayak while vacationing I was limited as to where I could use that kayak. For example usually I had to put it in the water right at that spot because my rental car had no way of transporting it. With an inflatable kayak my options are open. I can choose to paddle in any waterway that I find (as long as it’s safe) and that way I get to see way more of the environment. I would highly recommend an inflatable kayak for traveling though I would suggest to try and keep the kayak at 40 pounds or under. There are tons of options, but just remember the heavier you get, the less convenient it becomes.

Children Problems – Tips For Traveling With Small Children

Thinking of traveling with small children but was too afraid to do so? This is one of the children problems which are giving parents the headache when preparing for a trip. Traveling with your little ones isn’t easy and such activity is not for the faint-hearted, the impatience or parents who don’t plan in advance. The most important part of traveling with small children is to ensure their safety, so you need to plan very carefully before the trip.

Being children, they can be mischievous at times, so you do need to be daring, observance and patient with your kids. The next issue you need to know is that when small children are traveling, they are actually out of their familiar zone. When they are in their familiar zone, they can expect certain things to happen; it is sort of like following a pattern. But when they are traveling, they do not know what to expect and this can bring about fear and anxiety even though they are excited about the trip. So what should you do in order to have a safe and pleasant journey with your kids? Below are 5 great tips for traveling with small children.

1. Prepare your small children mentally

Most children love surprises like new toys and new clothes. But when it comes to traveling which is something different from their normal lives, they may resist the surprise.

The first tip is to prepare your little kids mentally. Read to them stories about traveling. You can also make up stories to tell them more about airplanes, cruise ships, trains and buses depending on what transport you and your family are taking. If you can find books appropriate for their ages which talk about the country or places you are visiting, it would make your job even easier.

You can also mention about some of the fun things and special activities that they will be experiencing during the trip and this will make them look forward to the day. Let the whole picture of traveling settle in their mind, so that when the time comes, they are prepared.

2. Bring along their favorite toys

You don’t expect little children to sit quietly throughout the whole journey, do you? Children have their intellectual needs, so they need to play. After all, playing is what they do most of time when they are awake because they learn through such activities. Even when they are on the plane, they need their favorite toys to be there all the time.

3. Follow the usual schedules

When traveling, try to follow your children’s usual schedules as close as possible. Food like milk or snack which they have at a certain time should be prepared in advance and give it to them at that usual time. If your little ones have to sleep at a certain time, let them sleep at that usual time too. Since you are in a different place, you will need to comfort them and make sure they feel secure.

4. Fasten the seat belt at all time.

No matter what transport you are taking, young children should always have their seat belts fastened. When they need to go to the toilet, make sure you accompany them. Accident can happen anytime, so give your children the best protection.

5. Don’t let your kids wonder off

Make sure that your children are always within your sight. They may be smart but they are still new to this world and so may not know what is safe to do and what is not, who is trustworthy and who is not.

Being in parenthoods, no doubt there are a lot of children problems which prevent us from doing some activities we love, but we can still be doing them if we put a little thought into solving the problems. With the 5 great tips for traveling with small children, I am sure you are now more confident and prepared to travel with your little ones.

Yoga Poses for Travelers

Busy schedules, travelling, jetlags, etc., different problems one solution- YOGA. When we say yoga it is not just meditation, it is a kind of exercise that relieves your body muscles, strengthens your bones and makes your immune system strong increasing your resistance power to diseases. There are certain yoga poses or asanas as we say that will help you be prepared for the jet lag, muscle strain, etc. If you are in a similar situation then here are some yoga poses for travelers that every traveler must know. These poses are taught at many yoga retreats and meditation retreats.

To understand why these yoga poses are necessary for nay traveler we first need to understand what problems does one face while traveling via air. The problems one might face are:

• Muscle cramps
• Sitting in one position at one place affects blood circulation
• Metabolism process is affected
• Air circulated inside the air, bus or train leads to dehydration

To stay away from all these troubles there are certain poses of Yoga that you should know if you need to travel by air, train or bus.

Yoga poses for travelers:

Viparita Karani: Legs up with wall support

As per the theory, this pose of yoga delays and ends the effects of old age. It relieves one of anxiety, depression, insomnia, calms mind and reduces the cramps in muscles.

Place a bolster or mattress on the floor adjacent to a wall. Rest on this mattress with your back straight touching the floor and the legs straight up with the support of wall.

The back should not bend and your hands should be stretched wide open.

Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana: Bridge Pose

This is best for people with high blood pressure. It relaxes the muscles of neck and chest.

Place a mattress on the floor. Lie down on the mattress with your feet touching the floor and the keep your knees bend.
Place your arms straight along your body. Pressuring your feet and arms, lift your hips.

While doing this the neck and shoulder should stay touched to the ground along with your hands and feet also touching the ground. This leads to a bridge formation pose, hence the name.

Parivrtta Sukhasana: Easy pose with twist

This pose helps stretch the legs, back, knees and ankles.

For this sit upright with your legs crossed. Keeping your back upright, rest your one palm on the floor and turn backwards.

While doing this your legs should not move, they should be placed in the front direction. Try turning backwards as much as you can.

Paschimanattasana: Seated Forward Fold

Forward bend as we know it reduces fatigue and stress. It help stretch the spine and shoulder muscles. It also proves useful in infertility and high blood pressure. However if you have any back injury you should never practice this pose.

Sit straight with your legs in front of you joint together.

Do not let your knees fold and try touching your feet with your hand. After getting used to this pose, at later stages you need to hold your feet with your hand and bend forward completely with your head facing down to your legs.

Try out these poses next time before you travel and feel the difference.

Are There Any Travel Solutions for Travel Agents Which Could Assist Them?

Times have moved on and so has technology. And if you, as a travel agent, is still stuck with the age old tedious methods of making the bookings and processing the payment and stuff, it is time to move on. Today, there are travel solutions available specifically tailored to the needs of travel agents to help them streamlines their process and also get more business.

Actually, there are a lot of software in the market which provide travel agents with the travel solutions they have been wanting very badly. Here is a list of features that most of the software for travelagents offer:

1. Online Booking- Almost every software provides this feature to the travel – agents. And why not. This is one of the travel – solutions which is the need of the hour. Everything today is online, from friends to family, to information and hotels. So why should a travel-agent have to call up the hotel personally, check the availability and then process the booking manually? And that’s why, most of the software provide online booking software to the travel – agents, whereby they can check the availability online and process the booking accordingly.

2. CRM Tools- This is another one of the travel- solutions that is available in the software of today. CRM tools are customer relationship management tools which help the travel agents remain in touch with their customers and market their services. But now, you may ask that what is the use of tools? This could be done by a marketing executive only, right? Wrong. CRM tool help save time as well as cost by taking care of bulk marketing initiatives and saving cost and money is what the travel- solutions are all about.

3. Exposure- These travel solutions software also give more exposure to the travel agents, by giving him web presence as well as promoting his services to potential customers. And all this is done in the minimum possible time with maximum possible results.

With such travel solutions for travel-agents on offer, these software do make the life of travel agents easy. But then again, some software are easy to use while other are not. Make sure you take a trail first and see what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with.